Direct Hire Staffing
MATC Group will recruit and screen potential staff and then provide you a list of the most qualified candidates. After you select, we will help you navigate the offer and hiring. 
Temp-to- Hire Staffing
Temp-to-hire staffing provides you flexibility. If they meet your expectations, they become a member of your team; if not, we will help you find the right employee.
Temporary Staffing
Temporary staff perform work for your business while staying MATC Jobs employees. Temporary employees are available for as short as two weeks or as long as you need.  You tell us what you need and we take care of the screening, hiring and taxes. 

The Conversation

Our hiring specialists know how busy you are.  We can come to you, discuss your needs and propose a plan…all for free.  Not sure what you need?  We will complete a short organizational assessment and propose a staffing plan. 


The Recruitment Process 

MATC Group matches the skills you need with the candidates we provide.  We will show you a selection of candidates that have the skills and flexibility you need.

The Screen 

Our screening and hiring process is field-tested.  We look for more than just a set of skills. We also look for personality traits. And, we only share the most qualified candidates and you make the decision.  

The Hire 

Our work is not over until you are happy.

Traditional Employees

Our team will use their knowledge and expertise to search and screen candidates for your full-time or part-time positions without you having to worry about funding job ads or trying to contact passive candidates.                                                         

Temporary Workers

We can provide you with a quick solution to eliminate a halt in the momentum of work without you having to hire employees full-time or to fill in for a leave of absence or long-term vacation.

Technical Writing

Our team of highly skilled technical writers and instructional designers who can provide you assistance with all your documentation and training information needs.                                           

Web development

Be it a simple website design, an elaborate online strategy with a design and e-commerce platform, software solutions package, or project management support, our developers can deliver unmatched service for your web development needs.